Requirements to travel to Mexico as a tourist

Cancun is the city that attracts the largest number of tourists year after year, and one of the most frequented destinations worldwide.

If you are considering spending a vacation in Mexico, you must take into account the immigration requirements to enter our country.

And as we know we have a land entry for the United States, therefore regardless of whether you need to process a visa or not, you are exposed to some of the following requirements both to enter, and to be able to board the plane from your country of origin

What do I have to present to the immigration authority when I arrive in Mexico?

In the immigration review filter, they must present:

1.- Valid passport (throughout your stay and departure) and valid in accordance with international law. DNI is NOT acceptable as a travel document to Mexico.

2.- FMM duly filled out. (Tourist Card)

3.- The immigration authority may request the foreign person to verify the reason for their trip, by means of any of the following documents:

a) Hotel reservation, return tickets (itinerary), tour tickets (itinerary).

b) Letter from a public or private organization or institution inviting the foreign person to participate in some unpaid activity in national territory

Tourist Card is required to entry to mexico

When making any international trip, it is necessary to identify yourself with an official document known as a tourist card. That is why all foreign citizens visiting Mexico must fill out the Immigration Entry Form (FMM) before they arrive in Mexico. We make the immigration process easier for you by providing you with the Immigration Form, and you can fill it out online.

The online registration is very simple, all you need is your passport, flight information, name of the hotel where you are staying, or address. When you finish, you will need to print the Official Entry Tourist Card. IMPORTANT the tourist card is per person including minors.

All international tourists require a passport and an immigration form; this is known as a Tourist Card.

Travel advisory

Some airlines will no longer provide immigration forms onboard the planes, therefore we recommend filling out the form in advance to avoid any delay in the immigration process upon arrival in Mexico.

You can fill your tourist card online here

Frequently Asked Questions About Entry to Mexico

Private Transportation

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Sanitary Requirements | COVID19

The Mexican government has not imposed travel requirements or special quarantine measures for people visiting the country.

It is also not necessary to present a negative PCR or antigen test when crossing the border.

When entering as a tourist, the only thing that travelers will be asked to show is the purchase code of their return ticket.

But if it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire to identify risk factors in travelers, where personal information is recorded on the state of health, possible symptoms related to the virus and the places that have been visited in the previous 14 days.

The form can be filled out online by means of electronic devices (cell phone, tablets), or if you do not have mobile devices or internet connectivity, the questionnaire will be delivered to you on paper at the airport upon arrival to be filled out and reviewed. by security personnel at the first airport filter in Mexico.

Here you can fill out the form

Sanitary Requirements | COVID19